Robin Hood Slot Machine: Free game and review

Robin Hood Slot Machine: Free game and review

Everyone knows the legend of the great Robin Hood and with the help of this amazing slot you can be a part of it. A NetEnt product that will allow you to win while having fun in a fairy world. Steal from the rich to become less poor players for all types of live dealer casino games. An atmosphere that could only be legendary, setting everything in the Sherwood Forest and the presentation movie accompanies you in an incredible setting right away (you can in any case skip the movie if you want). A tutorial will make you ethotic of the rules and possibilities of the game and immediately understand how to get free spins and how I work perfectly the Shifting Reels.


Playing the Robin Hood slot you will find all the symbols that remind you of the tradition of this legend. In short, you will have the main characters of the story, you start from Robin Hood himself, passing by Lady Marian and then also have Little John and of course Fra Tuck, not forgetting the cruel sheriff id Nottingham. You will have Wild symbols that can replace all symbols except Coin Bags and of course Free Spin symbols. Add to these the classic card symbols: 10, J, Q, K, and A.


To understand the game, you have to familiarize yourself immediately with the concept of free spin. To get free spins with the Robin Hood slot you’ll simply have to get 4 defined symbols (Sacco of Coins). These symbols will be accumulated in a chest as they appear in plays and will not be deleted at the end of the game session at (they remain for one year). You’re never going to start from scratch, even if you’re not playing Robin Hood for a long time. Once you enter free spin mode you will have to choose the Extra Wild symbol (it is a symbol that will work as an additional Jolly).

To get free spins you can also collect 2 or 3 classic Free Spin symbols in the final 3 columns to have 5 or 10 laps for free. Another basic concept of the game is the Shifting Reels. When you close a winning combination, your reels will slid to the right, generating new symbols in the starting column, and the new symbols will generate possible new winning combinations. By continuously taking advantage of this opportunity you will also increase the multiplier of your winnings, from 2X up to 5x until you stop getting winning combinations. The maximum payout of this game is given by 5 Robin Hoods who will give you 1,000 times the stakes played, up to 5,000 euros.