Robin Hood Slot Machine: Free game and review

Robin Hood Slot Machine: Free game and review

Everyone knows the legend of the great Robin Hood and with the help of this amazing slot you can be a part of it. A NetEnt product that will allow you to win while having fun in a fairy world. Steal from the rich to become less poor players for all types of live dealer casino games. An atmosphere that could only be legendary, setting everything in the Sherwood Forest and the presentation movie accompanies you in an incredible setting right away (you can in any case skip the movie if you want). A tutorial will make you ethotic of the rules and possibilities of the game and immediately understand how to get free spins and how I work perfectly the Shifting Reels.


Playing the Robin Hood slot you will find all the symbols that remind you of the tradition of this legend. In short, you will have the main characters of the story, you start from Robin Hood himself, passing by Lady Marian and then also have Little John and of course Fra Tuck, not forgetting the cruel sheriff id Nottingham. You will have Wild symbols that can replace all symbols except Coin Bags and of course Free Spin symbols. Add to these the classic card symbols: 10, J, Q, K, and A.


To understand the game, you have to familiarize yourself immediately with the concept of free spin. To get free spins with the Robin Hood slot you’ll simply have to get 4 defined symbols (Sacco of Coins). These symbols will be accumulated in a chest as they appear in plays and will not be deleted at the end of the game session at (they remain for one year). You’re never going to start from scratch, even if you’re not playing Robin Hood for a long time. Once you enter free spin mode you will have to choose the Extra Wild symbol (it is a symbol that will work as an additional Jolly).

To get free spins you can also collect 2 or 3 classic Free Spin symbols in the final 3 columns to have 5 or 10 laps for free. Another basic concept of the game is the Shifting Reels. When you close a winning combination, your reels will slid to the right, generating new symbols in the starting column, and the new symbols will generate possible new winning combinations. By continuously taking advantage of this opportunity you will also increase the multiplier of your winnings, from 2X up to 5x until you stop getting winning combinations. The maximum payout of this game is given by 5 Robin Hoods who will give you 1,000 times the stakes played, up to 5,000 euros.

Tennis confidence: how to ride wave momentum

Tennis confidence: how to ride wave momentum

Confidence and momentum in tennis are close cousins. When you have momentum, you have squared confidence. Players feel a sensation of excitement when they have momentum by their side — this is a huge boost to your mental game of tennis.

Riding The Waves Of Confidence

While momentum can give your mind game a boost, it has to be contained or it can lead to making mental mistakes on the court. Also, when you feel like you are losing momentum in a match for your opponent, your mind game can get into the tank. Therefore, you have to watch out for some of the dangers that go along with this powerful confidence booster in tennis.

Momentum in tennis can cause excitement or the sensation of playing well. This is a good thing for most players. The added rush of excitement can cause the release of adrenaline in the bloodstream. You get a boost of energy and you feel pumped, juiced and focused. For the tennis player’s experience, they interpret this as a very positive feeling. They welcome this feeling when playing well, but they have to throttle an extra boost of energy.

The Right Momentum

You have to watch out for the added shot of adrenaline that comes from the momentum. You don’t want to cause you to play too aggressively or change your shooting. Experienced tennis professionals know when to choke back if the adrenaline bugs bug. Amateurs experience the same physiology when pumped to momentum. You hit the big backhand to get yourself a break point in the match. Your extra excitement and adrenaline helps you focus more, but you have to take into account the effects of adrenaline or you will swing to the moon.

Another potential problem with momentum is when you have it and it’s gone. Confidence can turn into panic during a match when your opponent turns momentum in support. Often I win a number of games only to have no other win for the rest of the set.”

Momentum and great leads have advantages and disadvantages. Your advantage in tennis is when you fly to the big lead in the first set. My opponent was devastated and unable to compete with you. On the other hand, big leads for some players can cause big crashes with their mental play. I also think this has a lot to do with the “comfort zone,” which I have studied extensively, but will continue this topic for other articles.

If you’re out for a big lead with momentum on your side, you may get complacent or protect your lead. The player who protects their lead – sits in their lead. They start playing defensively – not wanting to drop points, instead continuing to play offensively and trying to win points. Most likely, if you have the habit of building big leads only to lose the set, you are protecting your lead and giving momentum back to your opponent.

Therefore, my Inner Game Tennis tip for today is to continue playing on offense. Play aggressive tennis. Don’t sit on your big lead.

Mind tennis game: Tennis confidence checklist for big games

Mind tennis game: Tennis confidence checklist for big games

What does it mean to believe in yourself? When you believe in yourself, you have complete confidence in your physical skills and the ability to take shots in tennis. My definition of confidence for Tennis is how strongly you believe in your ability to execute successful shots or win matches. Don’t confuse believe in yourself (self-confidence) with self-esteem. Self-esteem is all about how you see yourself and how you value your self-concept (how you see yourself), it is also called self-worth.

How To Improve Self-Confidence In Tennis

Self-confidence stems from the baseline of past success in match, practice, preparation, and the mentally strong game of tennis. For example, an early tennis player has little or no confidence in his or her ability to perform services in tennis. But with practice, he became competent in service skills. By increasing competence or expertise in mastery of skills. You can also gain confidence from the belief that you are physically gifted, which reflects the definition of belief.

When working with my personal coaching students, I discuss two different types or levels of belief. The first is a general or broad belief in your abilities as a tennis player – the feeling that you can win or do well. The second type of belief is a certain belief in your ability to nail a successful overhead or hit a winning serve. Both broad and specific beliefs are equally important and they influence each other.

In more than 20 years as a mental game coach, I have come to learn that many athletes have “practiced confidence,” which comes from working hard at practice to develop your skills. However, these same athletes do not necessarily transfer confidence from practice to match play. They lack what I call a “confidence tournament,” for many reasons. A match or tournament of confidence is very important to your success in the match.

Tennis Confidence Report

It seems irrational that you can gain a high level of confidence in your practice, but it can’t transfer that confidence to a tournament. Most of the time, this problem is due to mental games getting in the way and how you practice, which I’ll cover in another article.

One reader recently asked this tennis psychology question: “What’s a Checklist to Get Confidence Before a Tough Match? However, I’m going to give you the top four strategies every player should implement:

  1. Check your expectations on the parking lot. I believe that expectations (the demands you place on your play) are dangerous to high self-esteem. You want to believe in your skills and practice, but without demanding how the match should go.
  2. Review the reasons why you deserve to do well before each match. You may default to your practice, your experience, or your superior talent.
  3. Prepare five positive self-talk statements that you can use between points when you need a confidence lift. This statement can be as simple as “I deserved to do well today.”
  4. Cut last minute doubts. Doubt is the opposite of belief. When you engage in doubt and allow for the Pasundan in your mind, you confidently suffer. Acknowledge any pre-match doubts you have and practice upholding your own doubts.
A must for every tennis player

A must for every tennis player

Yonex RDS 007 Racquet Tennis Racket offered by is definitely a windfall for everyone who loves tennis. If you are looking out for tennis racket control, power racquet or something in between then this product is right for you. This racket features durable handrails for easy turning. One thing I really like about this racket is that it has a Grip Dampening system (GDS) which reduces vibration which in turn reduces shock on impact.

Building a Tennis Champion

Yonex RDS 007 Racquet Tennis Racket will definitely work wonders for you after all Yonex is considered to be the best company for sports equipment. This racket is just right for players with shorter, compact strokes looking out for power. All thanks to the extraordinary ingredients; Tennis racket frequency and vibration is reduced by up to 10% which makes the final energy come back and feel certain. The 27.5 “length helps in increasing more strength; especially by serving while providing a little extra reach for stretching volleys. This racket will take your game to a whole new height.

Tennis Essentials

Yonex RDS 007 Tennis racquet is a favorite among club players and doubles specialists. The new frame shape is wider and the channels at the four corners of the frame result in better stability even with off-center shots. Different from traditional synthetics which stacks the carbon fibers against one another; new resin; Tough has more flexibility and also durability. The power racket increases dependability and the ability to resist twisting upon impact. Other than that; the cross section at the top of the frame offers sophisticated facial rigidity for the company to feel impacted with more control. The testimonials displayed on the website clearly illustrate that this racket is simply beyond reproach. You can get this racket for only $ 163.99; This website offers free worldwide shipping and a money back guarantee as well which is valid for a period of thirty days.

Yonex RDS 007 Tennis Racket Racquet offered by is without a doubt a showcase in a unique way. This will give you an exemplary balance and feel. If you want to become a proficient tennis player then you have to take it. I am sure you will be satisfied with this product. Go ahead to get the Yonex 007 Tennis Racket rack immediately.

Wimbledon Tennis Championship

Wimbledon Tennis Championship

Just 2 weeks after France opens the best tennis players in the world gather in London to determine who will be king this year and Queen of tennis on grass. The prestigious tournament starts on 20 June and ends on 3 July with Men’s Finals. At the start of the Championship there are 128 players or 64 pairs for each gender in the singles tournament, 64 same-sex pairs and 48 pairs for the mixed doubles tournament.

Wimbledon Championships

This tournament format is the same as the format of other Grand Slam tournaments. Men play matches that are 3 of 5 sets, while female matches are 2 of 3 sets. There were 32 seed players in the women’s and men’s tournaments. These players have guaranteed entry to tournaments based on their rank in the ATP and WTA rankings. There are players who are invited by the organizer with wild cards. This player is not highly ranked but a player who will attract a lot of interest from the audience. Low ranking players must pass 3 rounds of tournament qualification to ensure their participation in the main event if they do not receive wild cards.

Wimbledon Tournament Begins

The champions in each of the singles tournaments won prize money of £ 1.1 million which was 10% more than last year’s tournament. This tournament brings 2000 points for winning players for the ATP and WTA rankings. One of the very interesting facts about the Wimbledon Tennis Championship is the fact that all players participating in the tournament must wear the mandatory all-white outfit. From head wear to socks and shoes everything on a player to wear must be white.

If you want to be a spectator at the abbreviation for tournament matches then be prepared to spend a lot of money. Tickets are not easy to obtain and the cost is quite a lot depending on the players who will be playing on the court. Of course you can watch tournaments at your house and invite friends to make the atmosphere more outgoing and competitive.

Tennis Court: organizes tennis events

Tennis Court: organizes tennis events

The tennis court is more than just surface play. With proper planning in advance, you may find this location is the perfect choice for business meetings, getting friends together, or even for a birthday party.

Are you looking for a fun way to get a group of people together? If so, why not go to the tennis court. If you and your friends enjoy playing the game and you can use a little competition, then make something you planned ahead of time. You can host lunch, for example, on the court, so that after a tough game, you and your guests can relax and enjoy a meal together. There are plenty of opportunities to do something fun like this with a group of friends.

When is this book

Do you need some ideas about when to book an event like this at the tennis court? You can use the court as a great meeting place for new friends or even for people you hope to get to know a little better. You can use it as a great way to accentuate your competitive advantage and challenge your co-workers or even to help create an atmosphere where you can talk about contracts. This is a great way to get girls together for lunch during the week or to get the guys together for some competitive action. In fact, you can even use this kind of party fun for your teen who no longer likes clowns and pizza. Be creative when it comes to when to put together this type of event.

Things to consider

Before you book a tennis court for your event, make sure you take the time to find out what they have to offer. There are several things to look for and plan for before hosting this type of event.

-Make sure the location has time available for your event. It is possible to book private events in court, although this is not always possible in all places.

-Search for a location that offers a large playing surface. You need a solid surface without anything getting in the way of the playing field. You will also need to make sure the location offers space to sit and watch the players, or enough nets so that everyone can play at the same time.

  • Look for a location that might offer a picnic area to eat. You may even find that some locations offer banquet facilities or small dining facilities. This can be a great way for you to enjoy a meal together after a competitive match.

The tennis court should be a place where people come together to laugh and have fun. However, they are also a great way to meet new people and to bring people together for many other reasons. Make the event fun by planning the details in advance. Doing so can help you to create unique experiences that you will just love to be a part of and your friends will love participating with you in. This can be a great way to just relax with someone you care about, too.

Get started with tennis lessons today

Get started with tennis lessons today

Tennis lessons can be helpful for anyone at any skill level. Tennis is a sport that is played by all age groups. It is popular with most people including politicians, film stars, students and housewives.

Getting Started in Coaching Tennis

The great thing about tennis courts is they have basically all been built very similarly over the years. The initial tennis lessons will be almost the same for all courts. As you become more experienced you will notice that you will need to make adjustments to each court you play on. First, you’ll want to primarily concentrate on your grip and practice serving you.

Everyone can benefit from tennis lessons. Children aged five and over begin to learn to play. Tennis is a very social game and will each of your children become more aggressive as they grow up. You can find courts to play tennis all over. The local community center has it and so many schools and universities. Some people gravitate to lessons they can get on television and then practice the same exercises after they finish work. Sports are usually played between two people but can also be played in collaboration with two groups of two people each. This is referred to as a match or two.

Free Intro Tennis Lesson

You can get your tennis lessons at your favorite club from professional players. It might be smarter to wait until you have a little more experience under your belt first. Some of the most popular courts for playing and for practicing lessons are those with lights so you can stay on later. Also, people like to use walls to practice their serve so it’s good to have a favorite spot with one.

Many people are now spoiled because they have found an indoor tennis court for their tennis lessons. This means the weather no longer has control over your schedule and you can play when it’s the most convenient for you. Lots of love to watch the games being played and have evolved into sports audiences all over the world. The game is played in the best of three out of five sets. The person who wins two sets wins the tennis match.

This game is an Olympic sport, so interest in tennis lessons. The game originated in England and has been around for over 100 years. There are professional tennis players like in any other sport. They make their money by competing in tournaments. This is one big motivation for everyone who plays to take tennis lessons and keep improving. There are many tournaments to compete in. One of the most important and most famous is the Grand Slam. Another was the one at Wimbleden which was played on grass.

Practice on the tennis court makes perfect

Practice on the tennis court makes perfect

Tennis is a sport that people never seem to grow up on. They may start taking beginner lessons at a children’s summer camp but can still get strong with adult play. Learn more about the Tennis Court by reading on.

Tennis is a sport that people never seem to grow up on. They may start taking beginner lessons at a children’s summer camp but can still get strong with adult play. Plenty of play during their retirement.

How to Get Better at Tennis

There is a tennis court and a commercial residential court. Most people would love to have all one commercial benefit but not price. There have been many improvements in court over the years. About twenty years ago most of them were being made from asphalt and fast forward to today, many of these are showing signs of wear with cracking majors.

This is a great time to have a tennis repair and end business. The many tennis courts found in community centers all require work because they are all put in at around the same time. The type of court surface will change the way the game is played. Due to the great interest in the sport of tennis it is not that difficult to find a court. After a while and as you accumulate experience, you will develop a taste for a favorite court.

Some courts are still made of clay or concrete and the courts at Wimbledon are still made of grass. Putting the court on the right involves knowing the proper and basic grading it will require. Tennis courts that are most technologically advanced are made thicker and more shock absorbing. The orthopedic surgeons are happy that someone has finally paid attention to what they have to say all together. Players need more and more protection so they can avoid so many injuries to their ankles, feet and lower back.


Many people tend to use the same tennis court that they took their lessons at. They take advantage of the available time slots and as they improve their game they can invite their friends along. Many high schools and universities have them. If you can find one with a light you can extend the time available for play. This is important when you experience changes in weather or it’s just plain too hot during the day.

Many tennis fans choose to take a few lessons on line and practice what they learn later when it gets cold outside. Some players like to find courts with walls so they can practice serving them better. Soon, students can participate in a pair tennis match. As they grow into adults these games become places for social gatherings, a way to connect with your peers and build lasting friendships.

How to win the Inner Tennis game

How to win the Inner Tennis game

Do you know how to win the inner game with your mind? Timothy Gallwey developed this concept in the bestselling book Inner game of Tennis. You will find more ways to win the game in tennis and they apply to all areas of life.

Inner games are actually rarely games. How is that? Well, usually we just listen to every thought that comes into our consciousness and listen to it. It’s like having the radio stick to your ear and repeating everything you hear.

The Inner Game of Tennis

Playing the game means that you have some influence on your opponent. But if we just listen to every thought that comes to our mind, then it’s not a game, it’s obedience. 🙂

The first step is to become detached from your thoughts. It’s just your thoughts, not you! It simply releases thoughts from your unconscious realm and there is no end to them.

So, how can you play games with your mind? Here are 5 ways you can win your mind game:

  1. Courage is actually a victory over fear – and that’s when we fight our thoughts. Our thoughts tell us something and we don’t do it. There are several other internal or external motivations that move us through fear.

Fighting fear can produce very surprising results if we persist. When we are in a fearful situation and we overcome fear, we gain confidence. When we are faced with that or a similar event later, we overcome that fear more easily. We feel that fear is less. Finally we win the internal battle and fear doesn’t arise again. We don’t have to spend our nervous energy overcoming fear, so we can be much more effective at other mental activities at that time.

  1. cheat mind This concept is the main idea in Inner book tennis game. We trick the mind by focusing on something relevant and something interesting – seeing how the ball is spinning or watching the ball’s flight path and stuff like that.

We are playing a game with our minds and even though we know that we will deceive the mind and the mind knows it, we still fall for the trick. Not always but we get better with practice.

  1. Listening to the Mind When we develop a good awareness of our thinking, we choose what we will believe. Again, these are not some of India’s mystical abilities; we do this all the time.

Not? Have you ever thought about hitting someone and you didn’t? Or some guy on the road driving in front of you and you want to crash in his car? And you don’t? You choose not to follow thoughts! You see how useless and destructive it will be in the long run.

That’s what we need to do in tennis. Hitting the winner from 3 yards behind the baseline on the run didn’t think of following. If only after a call a bad thought like this appears:

Everything is against me; I can’t possibly win this, so it’s not a good thought to follow!

  1. ignore the thought-door to the zone This is a higher ability to have than just listening and choosing thoughts. When you ignore the thought it feels as if you are watching TV and the radio is on. You are so focused on the TV show, that you don’t hear the radio. But it plays all right.

And the same can be done with our minds. We can get so focused on the game of tennis that we don’t even hear and realize what the mind is talking about.

  1. closing the mind off-entering the zone This is the main ability and allows the player to enter the zone. Shutting thoughts off occurs when you have neglected a thought for a long time. Some thoughts come but you just don’t care and you just keep playing. Whenever a thought pops up you just let it pass.

What happens after a while (and that’s my own experience) is that the mind seems offended. Because we didn’t see the thought of chatting, it was very angry because they refused to talk to us again. Suddenly there was silence in my mind.

And you can just play. There is no past or future. They only exist in thought. What is now.


So this is progress in mentaming thoughts. Sometimes it gets a little harsh, but eventually the mind seems to give up especially when we don’t care. And there lies freedom from ideas, concepts and beliefs. Only after the game you take offright this zone status and return to your normal beta state brain wavelength. Come back with your mind friend.

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