Just 2 weeks after France opens the best tennis players in the world gather in London to determine who will be king this year and Queen of tennis on grass. The prestigious tournament starts on 20 June and ends on 3 July with Men’s Finals. At the start of the Championship there are 128 players or 64 pairs for each gender in the singles tournament, 64 same-sex pairs and 48 pairs for the mixed doubles tournament.

Wimbledon Championships

This tournament format is the same as the format of other Grand Slam tournaments. Men play matches that are 3 of 5 sets, while female matches are 2 of 3 sets. There were 32 seed players in the women’s and men’s tournaments. These players have guaranteed entry to tournaments based on their rank in the ATP and WTA rankings. There are players who are invited by the organizer with wild cards. This player is not highly ranked but a player who will attract a lot of interest from the audience. Low ranking players must pass 3 rounds of tournament qualification to ensure their participation in the main event if they do not receive wild cards.

Wimbledon Tournament Begins

The champions in each of the singles tournaments won prize money of £ 1.1 million which was 10% more than last year’s tournament. This tournament brings 2000 points for winning players for the ATP and WTA rankings. One of the very interesting facts about the Wimbledon Tennis Championship is the fact that all players participating in the tournament must wear the mandatory all-white outfit. From head wear to socks and shoes everything on a player to wear must be white.

If you want to be a spectator at the abbreviation for tournament matches then be prepared to spend a lot of money. Tickets are not easy to obtain and the cost is quite a lot depending on the players who will be playing on the court. Of course you can watch tournaments at your house and invite friends to make the atmosphere more outgoing and competitive.

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