Do you know how to win the inner game with your mind? Timothy Gallwey developed this concept in the bestselling book Inner game of Tennis. You will find more ways to win the game in tennis and they apply to all areas of life.

Inner games are actually rarely games. How is that? Well, usually we just listen to every thought that comes into our consciousness and listen to it. It’s like having the radio stick to your ear and repeating everything you hear.

The Inner Game of Tennis

Playing the game means that you have some influence on your opponent. But if we just listen to every thought that comes to our mind, then it’s not a game, it’s obedience. 🙂

The first step is to become detached from your thoughts. It’s just your thoughts, not you! It simply releases thoughts from your unconscious realm and there is no end to them.

So, how can you play games with your mind? Here are 5 ways you can win your mind game:

  1. Courage is actually a victory over fear – and that’s when we fight our thoughts. Our thoughts tell us something and we don’t do it. There are several other internal or external motivations that move us through fear.

Fighting fear can produce very surprising results if we persist. When we are in a fearful situation and we overcome fear, we gain confidence. When we are faced with that or a similar event later, we overcome that fear more easily. We feel that fear is less. Finally we win the internal battle and fear doesn’t arise again. We don’t have to spend our nervous energy overcoming fear, so we can be much more effective at other mental activities at that time.

  1. cheat mind This concept is the main idea in Inner book tennis game. We trick the mind by focusing on something relevant and something interesting – seeing how the ball is spinning or watching the ball’s flight path and stuff like that.

We are playing a game with our minds and even though we know that we will deceive the mind and the mind knows it, we still fall for the trick. Not always but we get better with practice.

  1. Listening to the Mind When we develop a good awareness of our thinking, we choose what we will believe. Again, these are not some of India’s mystical abilities; we do this all the time.

Not? Have you ever thought about hitting someone and you didn’t? Or some guy on the road driving in front of you and you want to crash in his car? And you don’t? You choose not to follow thoughts! You see how useless and destructive it will be in the long run.

That’s what we need to do in tennis. Hitting the winner from 3 yards behind the baseline on the run didn’t think of following. If only after a call a bad thought like this appears:

Everything is against me; I can’t possibly win this, so it’s not a good thought to follow!

  1. ignore the thought-door to the zone This is a higher ability to have than just listening and choosing thoughts. When you ignore the thought it feels as if you are watching TV and the radio is on. You are so focused on the TV show, that you don’t hear the radio. But it plays all right.

And the same can be done with our minds. We can get so focused on the game of tennis that we don’t even hear and realize what the mind is talking about.

  1. closing the mind off-entering the zone This is the main ability and allows the player to enter the zone. Shutting thoughts off occurs when you have neglected a thought for a long time. Some thoughts come but you just don’t care and you just keep playing. Whenever a thought pops up you just let it pass.

What happens after a while (and that’s my own experience) is that the mind seems offended. Because we didn’t see the thought of chatting, it was very angry because they refused to talk to us again. Suddenly there was silence in my mind.

And you can just play. There is no past or future. They only exist in thought. What is now.


So this is progress in mentaming thoughts. Sometimes it gets a little harsh, but eventually the mind seems to give up especially when we don’t care. And there lies freedom from ideas, concepts and beliefs. Only after the game you take offright this zone status and return to your normal beta state brain wavelength. Come back with your mind friend.

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